ABOUT Nikki G.

In just over three years Nikki G. has become a poetic force to be reckoned with in the Valley of the Sun. This passionate poetic speaks words as spicy as her Jamaican heritage. Starting out on open mics around the city of Phoenix she quickly learned that she knack for making people hot and bothered. Nikki writes what she sees, experiences, feels, and fantasizes in all areas of life. Her words can take you on a journey from the political to the subliminal to the sexual. She has competed in poetry slam competitions, performed as a featured poet in several shows,  hosted events, produced her own shows, and developed her own band! All done successfully! Proving she is not only the one to watch but the one you don't want to miss. Nikki's erotic poetry to music, Erotic Symphony Part I presents evidence to her passionate delivery and sultry voice. Her passion is to expose people to poetry in ways they are not used to experiencing it. Sharing the love of words with the masses is what makes her good. Nikki engages in benefit appearances and teaches workshops on worthy causes such as youth self esteem and suicide prevention. The projects she engages in are neverending! Making this hot poet dynamic in every facet of her poetic dynasty. Get to know Nikki G. 

You will not be disappointed!

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Erotic Symphony Part I

Poetry on Fire!